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About Ann Combs

Ann Combs is an astrologer and author who has over 30 years of experience interpreting astrological natal charts for clients. Her readings include the asteroids and Galactic Center -- the center of our galaxy! She has written two books on the subject, the first of which, Astrology and Your Lucky Star, was refined over a 10 year period.

With well over 3 decades of experience in the astrological process, Ann has earned the right to be called one of the most informative astrologers in the Pacific Northwest.

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Personalized Readings

Personal readings are available at your convenience.

Astrology and Your Lucky Star

This book is a treasure chest of information! If you or someone you know needs some guidance, her book has a lot to offer. There is a section on developing your intuition as well as new information on love and romance.

This is a must-have book for the beginner and the seasoned truth seeker!

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The Planets

The planetary actions are verbs. These should be interpreted, in general as "to act or to be acted upon", "to initiate or to be caused to initiate", and "to energise or to receive energy". The planetary force is always positive and active, but it can manifest in many ways, passively, compulsively, etc.

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